An Authentic Hostel in Rio de Janeiro

An endless string of white sand beaches, lush green tropical gardens and iconic wonders of the world, plus a cultural heartbeat pulsing at its centre ... Rio de Janeiro!
Sun, sand and sexy samba await you in Rio! At Tupiniquim we can make it happen ...

Travelling solo or rocking up in a crew, we've got the perfect dorm or private room for you. Comfy beds, top facilities and a legendary rooftop bar onsite every night!
We guarantee you an authentic Brazilian experience so come and join our tribe and experience the real Brazil, the real Rio, the one for the purists!

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I mean, are you really willing to pay up to double the price so you can stay in some dumb-dirty hostel just because it is like 100 meters nearer Ipanema beach ?? ... we are at a 5 min. bus ride from the beach with is at the bottom of the Sugar Loaf Mountain (it is called the Red Beach) but we are light years ahead the vast majority of the hostels in terms of service, staff, personality, fun, etc ...

Tupiniquim Hostel's Trailer: Click to Begin

Tupiniquim Hostel's Trailer: Click to Begin

Get to know brazilians while staying at the hostel

Perhaps you are willing to stay on just another hostel full of Europeans, Americans, Aussies and Israelis ?? ... what if you could stay in a place where 60 % of the guests are Brazilians ?? then you would get a real Brazilian experience starting at the hostel, wouldn’t that be bloody cool ??

My friend, half of the hostels in Rio are complete crap and most of the other half are just dumb-nothing-to-do-except-for-sleeping places ... so you think you are pretty smart by booking a place 5-10 reals cheaper ?? a place with triple bunks, 12 + people dorms, no air conditioning, thin mattresses, lousy breakfast, no bar, no fun ??