O Tempo não Para – 6 People Female Dorm

The O Tempo não Para room is a girls-only dorm with 3 double bunk beds, total of 6 beds.

It’s located on the 4th floor of Tupiniquim Hostel. 🤔





The price of this female dorm depends:

On the number of people that will stay in it
Which services would you like to be included?
If it's high or low season
If it's a weekday or weekend
If it's an extended holiday
If there's a special event (such as Carnival)


Remember that these are our regular prices 😱 ... but it is very easy to get a discount 😲

Remember that these are our regular prices 😱 ... but it is very easy to get a discount 😲

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360º Interactive Tour

YouTube Trailer

YouTube Trailer


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The Good

  • Girls only: just what the name implies, if you are old school, have a jealous boyfriend or just want to feel more comfortable among sisters, this is the right room for you 😙
  • Quiet: because it is up there on the 4th floor it is more noise free than most of the other rooms, street noise ?? not a chance.
  • Air Flow: Precisely because it is on the 4th floor, above the neighbor houses, the wind blows stronger thus air circulates better within the room.

The Bad

  • Because the room is at the top of Tupiniquim it is warmer on the summer than the other rooms of the other floors.
  • Being on the 4th floor obviously involves going up and down stairs when go inside or leave the hostel (last floor has a spiral one) which might be a problem for old folks or someone with a physical disability.